Starkville Computers, Inc. was established independently in 2006, after operating as a division of Security Solutions since 2000.

With years of Information Technology experience, we will strive to bestow our customers & clients with the skill, courtesy and experience to meet the high demands of this ever-changing industry.


Starkville Computers

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Need your computer, laptop or Macbook fixed?? I highly recommend Starkville Computers on Academy Road. Their professionalism and willingness to assist me with my MacBook Pro reminded me that even in today's society there are great people who Still care about making their customers Happy.‪#‎itwasntaboutthemoney
~Tammie M.

Personal service from friendly people who call to make sure everything is working ok even after the issue is resolved. This is an example of a business which makes other small town businesses work at a big city pace.
~Amanda E.

Fabulous experience! These people know their stuff; they're fast and efficient. Highly recommend!
~Barbara C.

As a business owner you need to be able to rely on your IT/Telecom crew. I have been VERY pleased with Starkville Computers on several fronts.
1. Availibility: Easy to reach even early and late when there is an emergency.
2. Quality of work: Not a single issue here.
3. Value: What is it worth to have your business running? I HIGHLY VALUE my uptime.
I have had 2 servers and over 20 PC's networked and maintained by Starkville Computers. They have even travelled to my new office in Columbus.  Let me put it this way you get what you pay for with these guys take it from someone who had a "computer science major from State" setup their system and paid the price for it. Go with a professional outfit. You will be glad you did.
~Dr. Lee F.

Our computer server crashed at Scotty's Wine and Spirits and Starkville Computers was at our store 10 minutes after we called them. They did an outstanding job. Great service and fair price.
~Scott G.

Every business owner has a fear of computer failures and when we had one of ours fail, I took the machine to Starkville Computers for a diagnostic. The computer was a stand alone that ran an application that was critical for the mission of our business and when I was told the machine had a bad motherboard Starkville Computers went to work immediately. After further diagnostics, the hard drive was also failing and on top of that the warranty had expired two weeks earlier. They were able to retrieve the the files from the failing drive and were able to get a new Lenovo up and running with minimal downtime. I was contacted after normal business hours and was able to get the machine in time to finish a time sensitive project before the deadline. Thanks Starkville Computers!
~Richard M.

Come visit our store for new deals on NEW and refurbished
PCs and Macs*

*We are not an Authorized Apple Reseller or Authorized Apple Repair Center - if your Mac is under warranty and you wish to have it repaired under your covered services, please locate an authorized service center.  We do, however, often repair macs which are under warranty - at a reasonable rate, for those who cannot reach an authorized repair center in a timely manner and are in need of immediate assistance.  Many repairs will not void your warranty.  We CAN repair most any issues on all models of out-of-warranty Macs!

Looking for referrals?
Whether you are new to town, or are a lifetime resident of Starkville, I'll provide you a solid, professional referral for the following business categories that I will personally stand behind as an established business-owner here for 24 years!

  • Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Financial Advisor
  • Security Systems
  • Personal & Commercial Banking Services
  • Mortgage Service
  • Non-Profit Volunteer Services
  • Automotive Repair
  • Renovations/Remodeling
  • Landscaping/Lawn Care
  • Electrician
  • Florist
  • Home Inspector
  • Health & Wellness Products
  • Apparel
  • Residential Real Estate

Call today and ask to speak with me directly, for information and referrals to a business associate in any of the above categories!  Each and every one of the professionals I put you in touch with bring enthusiasm and integrity to their field - guaranteed!  They, in turn send me excellent referrals such as yourself.  If you would like to find out more about how to get top-notch referrals like this for your business, I will be happy to let you in on that strategy as well.

Patrick A. Linley


  • New and Used Laptops and Desktops in stock
  • Hundreds of Peripherals & Accessories in stock
  • Made-to-Order Systems for Home, Business or Gaming


  • We repair any brand desktops and laptops
  • Several service plans to fit the needs of your time & budget
  • Apple/Mac technicians on staff for any of your repair needs

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