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Repairs are made Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) and are best effort (no discount if system is not ready by estimated 
due date). Starkville Computers will not be held responsible for any data and/or items not listed above!

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Exclusion on all Plans: All Parts are Priced Extra, plus Shipping Charges. Data Backup consists of backing up your documents, letters, spreadsheets, presentations, music, pictures, e-mails or data. Starkville Computers CANNOT backup or copy “installed” software programs of any kind!! We can reinstall software programs when provided the disks and corresponding legal license keys.
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In order to diagnose most problems, we may need your passwords (info will remain confidential):
Fee Waiver
If total repair costs exceed the amount you would like to invest in your computer - AND - You choose to immediately purchase a warranted computer from us to replace your old one, Management MAY choose to waive a portion of the charges incurred on your old computer (depending on package chosen and time invested thus far). If you choose not to purchase, all fees are due in full, but we may give you a rebate toward a warranted computer if you choose to purchase it from us within 15 days of completion and notification of diagnosis (you must present your receipt of payment for diagnosis). No discounts / waivers may be used in conjunction with any other discounts / waivers – single maximum benefit may be chosen.
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This form must be completed and signed prior to work beginning on your computer. In order to repair your computer, it may be necessary to replace or re-install the Operating System on your hard drive. Regardless of work done: It is the sole responsibility of the owner and/or signer of this document to back up any wanted/needed data prior to repair. Starkville Computers and/or its agents/technicians are NOT responsible for the loss of files, letters, spreadsheets, presentations, music, pictures, emails or data under ANY circumstances. If the computer is not under warranty BY Starkville Computers, I understand that if parts are expected to exceed the customer-specified amount above, I will be contacted with an estimated total cost of parts (which will be added to the labor package chosen on page 1) and I have the right to refuse repair at that time. However, I will be charged in total, for the amount of the labor package initially chosen. Completed work orders. At the end of 30 days Starkville Computers will send a demand letter for payment of the work order. At that time the customer has an additional 5 business days to pay and pick up equipment. After that time the equipment becomes the property of Starkville Computers to be sold or used at our discretion. I understand that during repair, making excessive calls as to the current status of completion will result in additional charges. I understand that unless I request otherwise (in written form on this agreement), that Starkville Computers, as general practice, may install the current Operating System and/or application updates, and anti-spyware applications on my computer in order to reduce security threats, hacking, virus infection, and errors due to bugs. Antivirus software will be installed if so chosen on page 1 or customer brings in software disc and license key. Labor for hardware work is warranted for 30 days. Due to the nature of the Internet and 3rd party applications that may cause conflict, software issues are not warranted. Customer’s Responsibilities – Starkville Computers’ obligations under this agreement are in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied. Starkville Computers will not be liable for incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages, loss of data, profits or income, or loss of use or other benefits, arising out of or in connection with this agreement or the maintenance service performed hereunder. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all of its files are adequately duplicated and documented. Starkville Computers will not be responsible for customer’s failure to do so, nor for the cost of reconstructing any data stored on disks, files, tapes, memory, etc. that was lost during the course of any work performed regardless of cause. It may be necessary for a third party (e.g. the vendor of your machine) to verify repair and customer satisfaction with the service related to the repair of your machine. By signing below, you give your permission for these sources to contact you via phone or email.
I have read this agreement and will abide by the terms as stated herein
I have read this agreement and will abide by the terms as stated herein