New SPAM wave of Locky Malware

Yet another variant of malware to encrypt the files on your computer, making them inaccessible until you pay the hackers a ransom for the decryptor.  This recently discovered variant of the Locky uses Encrypted JScript files to avoid detection by firewalls and anti-malware/antivirus programs.



The Malware encrypts the victims files with a strong RSA 2048 encryption algorithm until the victim pays a large fee to get them back.


Our network security appliances and periodic maintenance plans can prevent this type of costly interruption to your business.

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Beware!! You may be adding scammers as your facebook friends!

Beware of folks sending you friend requests! It is generally a VERY ATTRACTIVE young person... but you don't really know them. Their info shows that they are from your local town. They have even checked in at local places, but if you scroll all the way to the bottom of their news feed, you will notice that they have just recently created their profile... and they aren't who they say they are! So when you add them as a friend, these scammers then have access to YOUR personal info, your news feed, photos, etc! It puts them in a better position to scam you or steal your identity!! It is pointless to have security settings if you add unknown people to your friend list! 


We have adopted a local family for Christmas! Please help us make it as Merry as possible!




We already have a great start on our gift collection for this family.  Please help us in making this a memorable Christmas for these children and their mother!

We already have a great start on our gift collection for this family.  Please help us in making this a memorable Christmas for these children and their mother!

A message from Helping Hands Ministries of Oktibbeha County...

Adopt-A-Family 2015 is here! We are so excited to bring this event to Oktibbeha County this year.

Our most wonderful Christmas memories are of children's delight with their new toys from Santa and warm meals shared with loved ones. However, many local families go without at Christmas. Many kids do not receive presents, and parents struggle to put food on the table.

Those of us who experience good fortune at the holidays can help share the joy to those who need it most by participating in Helping Hands Ministries' Adopt a Family Christmas program. By adopting a family, you can give struggling families peace at this special time of year and provide happy memories that will never be forgotten.

Agencies all over Starkville have nominated families in need of help this Christmas. To adopt a family this year, visit the Helping Hands office at 603 University Avenue Nov. 23 - 25, and Nov. 30 - Dec. 4, and be sure to look for our published list in the Starkville Daily News on Sunday, Nov. 22. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to spread the blessings of the season across our community.

If you have any questions, you may contact our office by phone at 662-323-1173 or by email at or

~Helping Hands Ministries of Oktibbeha County