Windows Server 2003 End of Life - will your data be vulnerable?!

The Windows Server 2003 end of life is just days away. Microsoft will officially end support on July 14. Yet, despite the fact that Server 2003 is 13 years old, 61 percent of businesses are still running at least one instance of it within their networks.

The small businesses still running it need to understand that while their computers are not going to suddenly stop working on July 15, by continuing to run Server 2003, they’re leaving their businesses vulnerable to a myriad of threats. The implications of failing to migrate WILL compromise your data (possibly to include customer/client data that you are responsible for keeping secured), Starkville Computers and MainStream Technologies, Inc. can help you make it through this change with relative ease.  Please contact us for a free consultation regarding if/how this change may impact your business.