Windows 10 Technical Preview Available for viewing at our office!

If you have been curious about the look and feel of the upcoming Project Spartan (Windows 10) Operating System, be curious no more!  We have a computer setup in our office that you are welcome to come by and take a look at!  Our opinion??? There is a lot of work yet to be done before the final version is ready for release this summer, but overall, it appears that a lot of the complaints from the troubled Windows 8 have been heard by Microsoft!  You are no longer forced to use the Metro Live Tile interface, the old, familiar desktop comes up as default.  The new Start Menu gives us the best of both worlds, plus you can enlarge the menu to full screen view.

Biometric passwords give the ability to do face, finger, or iris scanning.  Come take a look at the new task view button, virtual desktops (which we have seen on mac computers for years),  increased performance (although it still won't run efficiently on older machines), web page annotation, and much more.

If you do have a touchscreen device, you will still get the full functionality that Windows 8 attempted to give you.  For gamers, there are additional features such as an Xbox app that will be improved in the coming months.

"Windows 10 isn't going to fix everything, but these changes to Windows 8's most divisive elements have made a world of difference to the OS. And that's crucial to Windows' future, as Microsoft is still looking at the big picture: PCs are old news." ~cnet

Come on by... or call for an appointment, for us to give you a quick overview of the "new and improved" Windows 10.