Dudy Gras 9.5 TODAY!! Please RETWEET!!

Dudy Gras to Omaha!

The unofficial official, kick off of the 2015 MSU Diamond Dawg's baseball season! 

Do you love MSU baseball? Do you love Mardi Gras? Have you ever said there's nothing to do in Starkville? If you answered "yes" to any of these question, then you need to be in the Dudy Gras 9.5 parade this year! There's no entry fee, get a trailer or a truck, maroon and white it up, grab your cowbell and join us as we parade through Starkville showing our excitement for MSU baseball. We'll gather in Rick's Café parking lot around 3:00, for our annual Coors Light pre-parade party, then at 4:30 pull out for the annual tradition. If you are a complete party pooper and can't be in the parade, then we asked that you come out on the route and show your support. We will also have a post parade award party for best float at Rick's Cafe after the parade is complete. 

Let's get ready for the 2015 season! Go Dawgs!!