Businesses, STOP Buying Computers From Big Box Stores!

#4 is the kicker folks!  We are BOOMING by replacing hard drives and motherboards in $299 computers bought at big box stores!  The consumer has the machine for 3 months, and comes to us with failing hardware (because the 60-90 day warranty is long expired allowing them to return it to the store).  I know... we shouldn't have any mercy for them, but do the best we can to help, discounting labor and hardware, but they still end up spending over $200 to get the 'new' machine operational again... and bear in mind that it is STILL a sub-standard computer with obsolete parts!  At least come see us for some free advice, and take a look at our selection of business-class computers, even if you just need a simple computer for surfing the web and checking email at home!  You will come out much better in the long run!