Business Phone and Internet Questionnaire for Proposal

Please fill out the following form to the best of your knowledge, so we can get you an accurate, comparable proposal. There is an option at the bottom to attach copies of your current phone and Internet invoices. Reviewing your statements will not affect how we price our phone and internet services, as those prices are already pre-set at a highly competitive, discounted rate. These details will simply allow us to ensure that we are pricing comparable (and in many cases, better) services in relation to what are currently in use by your business. We can also help you determine exactly what services and features you currently have, in case you are unsure about some of the questions above, since - unlike ours - most competitors' invoices/statements are VERY difficult to discern.

Features that come with all of our systems include: caller ID, conference calling, transfer (inner-office or outside to cell phones, etc.), music on hold, free training sessions, great customer service - connect with one simple call to our friendly, knowledgeable technical staff, without the hassle of tickets and escalating levels of support.

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We will get your proposal to you soon! Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions
We gratefully appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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